It’s amazing how many prospective clients are skeptical when we tell them we can help them set up an investment fund platform for less that US$10,000.

I want to explain how we do that.

The secret lies in our preexisting fund platforms - and it’s the reason IFINA is the perfect fund administrator for first-time fund managers.

So What Is A Fund Platform?

Well, it’s actually really simple.

Unlike other fund administrators we don’t charge for re-inventing the wheel. We just create a legally segregated sub-fund on one of our existing fund platforms.

The sub-fund structure lets us provide cost-effective solutions for investment fund managers. Specifically, we offer our clients access to two fund platforms. The respective costs are listed below:

Cayman Fund Platform: all-inclusive price of US$9,750
Malta Fund Platform: all-inclusive price of €25,000

We also offer a Cryptocurrency Fund Solution for US$12,000.

What Do Investment Fund Managers Get?

It’s important to clarify what investment fund managers receive when they set up a sub-fund on one of our existing fund platforms. It’s pretty comprehensive:

Own Named Investment Fund
Drafting of Information Memorandum
Drafting of Management Agreements
Appointment of Independent Auditor
Establishment of Bank and Broker Accounts
Provision of Fund ISIN Code
Provision of Fund Bloomberg Ticker
FATCA Registration and provision GIIN code
Provision of LEI Number

Our platform sub-funds can be used for a variety of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, derivatives, foreign exchange, real estate, private equity, venture capital and cryptocurrencies.

Regulatory 'Hosting' Services

Should you require ‘regulated status’ to manage investments we can refer you to ‘regulatory hosting’ service providers.

Fund Accounting

We can prepare comprehensive accounting records for your investment fund.

Registrar & Transfer Agency

We can act as your investment fund’s registrar and transfer agency.

Banking & Treasury

We can assist your investment fund in setting up effective cash management processes.

Bespoke Administration Services

We can take care of your investment fund’s ongoing administration tasks.
  • Maintenance of fund and client bank accounts
  • Preparation of fund wire transfer instructions
  • Acting dual signatory on fund bank accounts
  • Preparation of management company invoicing
  • Accounting services to fund management companies
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Cash flow monitoring and reconciliations
  • Preparation of group operational financial statements
  • Fund formation
  • Regulatory licensing
  • Legal documentation and compliance
  • Bank and broker accounts establishment
  • Stock exchange listing
  • Collation and review of client and investor due diligence and AML
  • Preparation and filing of reports to Regulators
  • Co-ordination of fund annual audits
  • Company incorporation
  • Company secretarial services
  • Processing fund subscriptions/redemptions/transfer
  • Maintenance of fund share registers
  • Preparation of investor share confirmations
  • Preparation of NAV confirmation reports to investors
  • Arranging periodic fund Board meetings and drafting resolutions
  • Daily indicative calculation of net asset valuation
  • Weekly/monthly formal calculation of net asset valuation
  • Independent daily reconciliation of fund trading activity
  • Independent pricing verification of fund security positions
  • Liaising with fund brokers
  • Bank and broker reconciliations
  • Preparation of hard-copy account files and financial statements for audit purposes
  • Daily communication with investment managers
  • Preparation of draft financial statements for audit review